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We are pleased to announce our next webinar:

‘After a decade of conflict, what next for Syria’s fragmented health system?’

In this session, we explore Syria’s health system through a multidisciplinary lens, drawing on the experience of the speakers to take a humanitarian-development-nexus approach with a focus on the early recovery phase of the conflict.

Date: 18th March 2021

Time: 1200 EST/ 1700 UK/ 1900 Syria

Confirmed speakers:

Hala Mkhallalati (Syria Research Group at LSHTM)

Abdulkareem Ekzayez (R4HSSSSyria Public Health Network)

Rabie Nasser (Syria Centre for Policy Research)

Other speakers to be announced soon

Register for the webinar on this link


This is part of our series: Looking to the future: Rebuilding Syria’s fractured health system

March 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of uprisings in Syria which descended into a protracted and violent conflict which has displaced more than half of its population and left more than 13.1 million in need of humanitarian aid. The ongoing conflict has destroyed the health system and forced the exodus of thousands of healthcare workers leaving more than 50% of facilities not functioning. Beyond this, the conflict has exacerbated pre-existing weaknesses in the health system and led to the evolution of at least four health systems functioning within its borders. Each faces different challenges and has evolved in different ways; the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an important lens through which to explore the differences within these health systems. In this series of webinars, we examine Syria’s health system(s) with a view to exploring practicable interventions which can support the future health system. We do this by drawing on experts from Syria, the region and external experts to stimulate discussion on key topics.

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